Friday, April 3, 2020


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IMDB - 6 🔥
Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

A smart, fast-paced little horror movie that knows exactly what it wants to be. The movie is confident enough in itself, and it's audience, that it never bogs down with exposition or unecessary lore dumps, instead trusting its audience to follow along and leave questions that never needed answering alone. 

Where other recent creature features have bogged themselves down trying to justify the existence of the monster (LIFE comes to mind), UNDERWATER instead opts to simply provide the monsters as a fait accompli. There is no attempt to even explain the monsters existence. The answer doesn't matter. There are monsters from the deep and the characters just have to deal with that. 

Kristen Stewart turns in a tense, excellent, performance as character who is both extremely damaged and fragile, and paradoxically tough as nails. It really works, and sells her as someone who would survive in such a situation. The supporting cast are all talented, and it avoids the majority of cliches horror movies can fall into.

If you are a fan of creature features and just want an entertaining ride with some goods thrills and chills, UNDERWATER is definitely for you.

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