Tuesday, March 31, 2020


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Action / Adventure / Comedy

This movie made me feel really good when I watched it. Leaving me with that feeling alone deserves five stars so the rest is bonus. I love the chemistry between the cast, the funny parts, the vulnerable parts (even the scene where Balinska cries is made a little fun, in movie, of so it doesn't turn really cheesy). The soundtrack is pumped, the action is cool. Is it an incredibly profound movie commenting on the socio-economic state of post-Reagan? No. Does it need to be? Absolutely not.

This movie is a tongue in cheek display of the power of women and sisterhood done well. Elisabeth Banks has created an entertaining movie that will make you laugh and feel good while seeing strong female characters being the ones making everything happen, without ramming it down everyone's throat that "omg men suck!". So if you're a guy wondering if this is worth seeing, I'd say it is.
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