Sunday, March 29, 2020


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IMDB - 6.9 🔥🔥
Adventure / Drama / Family

The Call of The Wild is a solid, incredibly well made movie. Buck is an extremely likable protagonist who goes on a compelling journey of self discovery. Despite being a dog and not having a word of dialogue, Buck is an incredibly interesting, three dimensional character with a well developed arc. The CGI used to bring him to life is amazing. While it doesn't always look natural, Buck's CGI model is so expressive and can cause the viewer to experience a variety of different emotions, despite not even being there. 

Harrison Ford also does well as the elderly, depressed John Thornton, carrying a great deal of tragedy and mystery about his past throughout the movie. The movie also features stunning cinematography, with several beautiful shots and camera angles. It's a true joy to watch. 

 The Call of the Wild is a familiar but heartwarming adventure that's surprisingly funny and emotional. Chris Sanders' direction is great and there are some thrilling set pieces. It's well filmed, well paced and the music by John Powell is fantastic. 

The novel is beautifully written and also heartbreaking. The movie pulls at the heart strings enough to be effective without ripping said heart apart.

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IMDB - 6.3 🔥

Haunt is the hidden gem horror film of the year with legitimate brutality, tension, and bleak atmosphere throughout that would have been a hit with a major theatrical release. When I saw the trailer about a month ago i was pleasantly surprised with its promise shown, and even more surprised and bewildered it wasn't getting a major theatrical release. Having Eli Roth produce, and Beck and Woods directing/writing hot off their momentum from writing A Quiet Place, you would think the studios would have been confident enough and should've have because this was higher quality than most big budget horror's released this year. The film starts out in usual fashion and introduces us to what appear to be standard teenage horror characters that were definitely more tolerable than most other characters in other films yet still fit the cliches. As we get a bit more introduced, you can tell that one of them has more emotional depth to her which is an important factor for audience relateability that's overlooked these days in most horror films. When things progress in the plot we are introduced to the main setting in which the mayhem unfolds and for the low budget they were working with, they executed the set designs flawlessly and creatively. The haunted house/maze aesthetic is elevated to new heights of fright through wide arrays of different set pieces, colorizations, and overall foreboding environments. They absolutely knocked it out of the park with the colorizations and camerawork as well, and it added so much to the already supreme tension. When the antagonists start showing up with their intentions, the creepiness and chaos takes hold and never lets up building into a brutal conclusion that honestly will stick with a lot of people with its ultimately disturbing reveals and shocking plot turns. This film really deserved to be released in a major theatrical format and i honestly believe it would have been a hit at the box office. I expected it to be solid but did not expect it to be my favorite horror film of the year. It has so much tension, atmosphere, and an incredibly visceral visual style. It has potential to become an underrated cult classic once word spreads and a definitive go to haunted house/halloween film. I really hope Beck and Woods stay in the horror genre because they have some clear cut talent in creating tense atmosphere that oozes through the screen

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