Thursday, March 26, 2020


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Working at a radio station, a DJ spins tales of murder and the macabre for his listeners throughout the night.

The Good Stor(ies): Post-Mortem Mary-Living in a rural Australian village, the death of a neighbor's young girl forces a woman to bring her inexperienced daughter over to help prepare the girls' body for the funeral. As they go about their business trying to get her photograph, they find something sinister has taken over the dead girls' body. For the most part, this was a solid and enjoyable entry. The Gothic setting and rural locations are put to good use providing this with a great foundation to start in on the later supernatural hauntings after the body has been prepared. These are built up fantastically with a slow, foreboding menace the longer they show her attempting to fix the body for the photographs which is greatly enhanced by the unease she has performing such tasks including the positioning and eye resetting. The final twist is accomplished nicely in a wholly creepy sequence but in concept is way too obvious which is the only downside to this one.

Drops-Caught up in her studies, a determined dancer tries to balance practicing for her dreams while dealing with her relationship with her boyfriend and the other dancers at the studio. When the strange supernatural demon that's been following her starts to increase the severity of its connection to her, she realizes what she must do to be free of the creature forever. This segment was a solid and enjoyable enough effort once it gets past its flaws. As it takes a while to get the main setup revealed, the fact that she constantly succumbs to these weird pangs and outbreaks when nothing's around to cause them seems weird more than anything, but once we find out the actual cause add a dark atmosphere to the segment. The lack of explanation for anything does hurt this one somewhat as it's all implied information from a lived-in world, but this is still quite fun and creepy when it matters.

Into the Mud-Waking up in the woods, a confused and disheveled woman struggles to come to grips with the situation when she finds a mysterious hunter out trying to killer her. As she struggles to get to safety while he relentlessly pursues his target, a last-second reveal over their actual fates might change everything. Overall, this was a pretty decent segment. The bewilderment and confusion over the situation are quite appropriate which suits the series of chases and confrontations that emerge between the two which is a solid cat-and-mouse set up with the forest being used as a fantastic setting for it to occur. The creature feature twist is fantastic and works great, coming off as a wholly original surprise that affords this one some solid make-up effects work not only on the creature but the strong and impactful gore as well. Though there's very little to no dialogue to make sense of anything, there's a lot to like elsewhere here to raise this one up.
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