Wednesday, March 25, 2020



IMDB- 5.7🔥
Action / Drama / Sci-fi

An elite soldier, who was killed in battle brought back to life with superhuman strengths and powers.
Those who are fans of  Vin Diesel from his Fast & Furious Movie Series , they are surely going to Respect this film of his. Vin Diesel not only delivers energetic action scenes but the acting is also touchy. 

The special effects in this movie are worth of its $45 M budget. They are amazing & keeps us on our feet. This movie is alone worth of watching for its super amazing special effects. You'll see that every scene has been emphasised enough to understand which makes this movie easy to digest for everyone. 

Cinematography is so detailed that every action scene is felt by the audience deeply. That is the one best feature of this film. Neither too slow neither too fast but detailed concepts. 

Every action scene in this movie DOESN'T AT ALL feels as cliché but new & creative. 

The suspense is Unbelievable and the ending is Satisfying. 

The fun part in this film is Mr. Lamorne Morris ! Though he has given smaller part in this movie , but you'll definitely find his sense of humour outstanding. What a funny guy !

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Enjoy the movie 🔥

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