Tuesday, March 24, 2020


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Action / Comedy / Crime

Has its finger on the pulse of 2020. Meshes modern day business and portrays real, accurate culprits who pull these “just business” tactics. The nuance behind such business and the karmic or historical consequences men face when involved with them and what they have to do, and ultimately what they have had to resort to in a way with rabid Marxist politics. 

A sad heroin scene plays out that depicts the “Xennials” and late millenial/early Gen Z types and how drug abuse, lose of hope in God surrounded by the fog of war in regards to the ideals of liberalism has effected those younger groups. When the Xennial lights up a J, he mentions in his day, the 1990s, it was all about having out and talking of hope of the future, ideas and getting along. These heroin homes today taking so many young lives only discuss enslaving one another and using each other until you’re of no use. 

Classic Ritchie style is prevalent with women in smart outfits and men in classic tweed. Tea is served and a nod to the old ruling class who still have skin in the game is an especially nice touch, and to any discerning viewer, it could rightly be seen as what became of them after their great and great-great grand father’s sent their sons to be slaughtered in the World Wars, effectively rendering them without heirs and over time, estates and the political power they once had which held standards, balance and top culture for centuries. 

Hats off to Guy Ritchie masterfully painting an elaborate picture, making it thoroughly entertaining, and it being a timepiece marking where our dying civilization is at in 2020.
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