Monday, March 23, 2020


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IMDB - 5.5 🔥
Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Robert Downey Jr is well known for his superhero image but the real test of an actor is getting into the skin of any character and making his own and rightly he does it with perfection in this fantasy drama.

Robert in and as Dr. John Dolittle has an ability to communicate with animals but he lives in solitude as he lost the love of his life. But when his beloved world of animals and shelter is in danger as the Queen Victoria is about to die, he needs to go to an expedition to procure a rare fruit in mythical island to save the Queen. Along with animals and his sidekick, Tom Holland, he goes for this adventurous journey.

The plot of the movie though sounds simple but it is very well written and perfection to the T it's visual execution. The fantasy drama does require to have a strong support of CGI work and this flick won't disappoint you in any form. The world created by makers are visually very beautiful and you feel transcended into the world. The performances of Robert and Tom are great along with all other cast. The music gels up with the narrative.

It may look like the movie is made for kids but as grown up it won't disappoint you a tad bit. This movie is heavily recommended if you like adventure, fantasy, visual extravaganza and innocence packed together. Watch this light hearted movie and ignite your kiddy self. 
Enjoy the movie 

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Movie Torrents Free Download

IMDB - 7.6 🔥
Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Pixar’s Onward was a genuinely amazing movie, if you see any ratings that say otherwise, it is probably because throughout most of the movie it followed a very cliche plot and rather predictable events. But why do I still give it 5 stars? Because that was the point. The quest of a young warrior, destined to be someone amazing, follows his mentor (or rather his brother) on a journey of self discovery. But this movie was so much more than cliche. It gave us these predictable moments and events that will regardless cause you to laugh, cry and truly empathize with the characters.

I know I personally identified with Ian, he was too shy for his own good, humble and nobody ever got to see who he truly was because of it. Throughout the movie you can watch his journey to self discovery and even other characters along the way! 

This movie will truly leave you in tears in the best way. Every predictable and cliche moment throughout the story was necessary to understand each and every character, and will allow you to fully embrace its bittersweet ending. This movie in comparison the the legends of Pixar’s past, I feel didn’t quite compare. But how could it? They’ve made some pretty amazing movies in the past, and a movie based off a cliche plot can disappoint. But look deeper, this movie was filled with humour, sadness, and moments that truly allow you to sympathize with the characters.

I personally have never identified with that many main characters of movies in Pixar, but I truly felt like this was a movie I could both enjoy and identify with. As much as I understand this movie may not be for everyone, I’m proud to say Onward is officially one of my favourite movies:) 

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