Tuesday, May 5, 2020


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IMDB - 7.2 🔥

One of the best Bollywood movies I have watched recently. Too bad I didn't see this in the theatre. The dialogues are very impressive and you know why a certain dialogue is being said and what impression is that statement making in the protagonist (Taapsee's) mind. The movie hasn't shoved misogyny down your throat either. It has shown both perspectives. The casting is superb. Taapsee is really good in the 2nd half and Kumud Singh who plays Taapsee's father is quite good as well. A super impressive debut for Pavail Gulati who matches Taapsee every frame. All the sub-plots also somehow convolute into the measaging of the main plot. I was hoping they don't spoil the ending by taking away all the good work in building the plotline and I was happy that they didn't. Really liked the ending as well. The scene at the Puja where Amrita (Taapsee's character) justifies how she felt wronged not only by her husband but also by her in-laws was terrific. The scene with her lawyer where she says the fault was not only of her husband was terrific as well. The trailer of the movie might give you an impression that Taapsee's character immediately decides for a divorce after the "slap". But that's not the case. You can almost feel why the protagonist is doing what she is doing, however unusual or odd it might seem to a third person. Must watch movie. Anubhav Sinha take a bow. And a lot of applauses for Taapsee and newcomer Pavail. Wished to have seen more dialogues for Ratna Pathak Shah (Taapsee's in screen mother) but she was good in whatever part she had. 

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