Wednesday, April 22, 2020


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This is not a superhero:  this is a rather sheltered academic, who doesn't know which end of a gun to shoot out of, whose life is terribly and suddenly transformed by enormous tragedy. Her inability to find any meaning in her own survival drives her down a path of self-destruction, and then a quest for information about why her family died and who did it. In the end, it's almost a coming of age story - as she learns to channel inner strength and ultimately commits an act that gives her life meaning. 

Blake Lively is just astounding in this role. The script is tight, the dialogue witty, and the action constant. You'll be emotionally drained after this film. There are so many angles of meaning to this story.  Days later, you will still be unraveling the layers and thinking about seeing it again.  

The violence is extreme but always justified within context as part of the story and part of the character's necessary journey.  Because of the violence and very mature themes, not for kids under 15 or so

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