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Action/ Comedy/Drama/Fantasy/Thriller

The film’s look is different enough from He Never Died to set it apart a bit and is created with cinematography by Ian Macmillan and editing by Michael P. Mason. The film’s look is one that works with the story, letting the viewer in and letting the viewer see the action unfold. Things are shown and the viewer is allowed to fully see everything. The lighting is right, the framing shows the right amount of everything, and the editing is not overactive, giving the characters and actors their space to shine. The elements creating the film get out of their way and support them instead of the often overused style over content.
She Never Died, much like her predecessor, has great practical effects used sparingly to give an idea of what is going on and let the viewer make their own minds about whether it’s gross of logical or exactly right. These practical effects are done by Sheilagh McGrory and her team. Their work is just the right amount of bloody and gory, showing enough and not too much at the same time. These effects put the film squarely into the horror genre while the story makes it feel more like a thriller with drama and some clear horror elements. For more squeamish viewers, it must be noted that the gore is kept to a few scenes only and is not extreme in any way. Its impact is however important and the gore’s presence is not gratuitous.
She Never Died is a more than worthy sequel to He Never Died that brings a new feeling to the universe, expending it in a manner that both makes sense and adds to the established universe. The film created here can also be viewed as a completely independent story, thus making more of an addition to the universe than a continuation type of sequel. Here the film and its lead are their own entity, something different while similar. It’s a definite must see for fans of the first and even for those who didn’t connect with the Henry Rollins starrer. She Never Died is a carefull well-crafted film that is more than worth a watch. The connection the film and the lead make is what sets it apart, the talent involved make it a stellar film.
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